How do I import my blog into Facebook

The question I get almost every day is “How do I import my blog into Facebook, so my blog posts automatically get published to my Facebook profile?”
Facebook used to offer an easy way to import blogs using Facebook Notes, but they discontinued that feature, leaving bloggers struggling for an easy way to import their posts to their profiles and Pages.
Enter NetworkedBlogs – a Facebook app you can use to import your blog into a Facebook profile or Page.
Here’s a great video from Facebook expert Andrea Vahl that explains how to import your blog into the NetworkedBlogs app and then syndicate it to your Facebook profile or Page. The video is a few years old, but the process is essentially the same – don’t get freaked out if some of the steps look a little different. Just keep calm and carry on.
Okay, now that I’ve told you HOW to import your blog into Facebook, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t actually DO it.
All evidence points to the fact that Facebook is fiddling around with things in their system, and that it has ways of hiding some content from you, while highlighting other content. Facebook is making (somewhat arbitrary) judgments for you about what content it wants you to see. These judgements seem to be based on who and what you’re engaging with when you’re logged into Facebook.
What that means for us as publishers is that we need to do everything we can to counteract Facebook’s hijinks and make sure that our posts and updates are still reaching the people we are trying to reach.
The bottom line is this – while you CAN automatically import your blog into Facebook so your posts get published automatically, you shouldn’t actually do it.
Instead, you should manually link to each of your blog posts from a status update. It doesn’t take very long – 30 seconds, max – to write a Facebook status update and paste a link to your new blog post into that update.
The reason you want to add links manually — instead of relying on NetworkedBlogs (or any other tool) — is that when you import your blog (and your posts get published to Facebook automatically) your blog posts get shared and Liked less often. A LOT less often. That means less traffic for you. Here’s an article that shows you the research to back up my advice.
So it’s up to you – you can use an automated tool, or not. I definitely choose not to. I manually publish a link to each new blog post – and that’s what I recommend my clients do, too. I think I get more traffic and more engagement because I choose to do this.
Here’s my advice – You need to make a decision that works for you and your business. You should either install NetworkedBlogs in your Facebook profile and import your blog to your profile or page, OR you should add a task to the checklist of things you do every time you publish a new post that says “Publish a link to my new blog post to my Facebook page”.
What are thoughts on this issue? Has anyone experienced a dip in traffic when they publish blog posts to Facebook with a third party app?
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