Google Glasses

Some of the features of this killer device are:

In-built Camera:  Google Glass comes with an inbuilt camera. A button is provided on the top to take photo snaps instantly. Yes you can take pictures hands free. Who can forget the stunning skydiving video recorded using Google Glasses? Moreover, the camera also provides information about nearby surroundings.

Voice recognition: Google glass is equipped with Google’s state of the art voice recognition feature that blows Siri to smithereens. In addition the glass provides information about the location and places of interest. On top of this you can store reminders and create notes using voice command.

Connectivity: Google Glasses are supported by 3G and 4G connectivity including GPS support and Google Maps.

Google+ services: Facebook is out. Google+ is in. Accessing Google+ was limited to smartphones and PC but now you can connect to Google+ via Google glasses.

Weather Forecasting: Yes it sounds uber cool. Talk about comprehending the current weather forecast on the move on the Google Glass screen.

Google Search: Any Google product is simply incomplete without the groundbreaking search engine. The world’s most popular search engine can be accessed on the screen of Google Glass with just a simple voice command.

Video Chats:  Video Chats and Calls can be made on Google Glasses.

Developers who want to get their hands on Google’s Project Glass won’t have to wait much longer.

Google announced plans Tuesday to hold a “Glass Foundry” in San Francisco and New York in the coming weeks: Two full days of hacking that will allow developers to get an early look at Glass and start developing for the platform.

The first day of the event will be an introduction to Glass, while the second will explore the Mirror API, which “gives you the ability to exchange data and interact with the user over REST.” Google engineers will be on site to help developers at any point in the process.

At the end of the second day, there will also be the opportunity for developers to show off what they’ve been working on, with some “special guest judges” on hand to take a look at all the entries.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin demonstrated Google Glass during the company’s annual developer conference last year. The glasses offer the ability to record video, get weather updates, and see messages from your friends.

Developers who were in attendance at the conference were able to order Explorer Editions of the glasses for $1,500. Those glasses are expected to ship to developers early this year, however, an exact ship date has yet to be announced.

Glass Foundry will be held in San Francisco from Jan. 28 to 29 and in New York from Feb. 1 to 2. Both events require registration and are available only to a limited number of developers.

Developers who take part in the Glass Foundry events will be able to use units on-site.


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