Urban & Asociatii got the first ever SPAM fine in Romania

Just a few days ago, ANRCTI (the National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology) imposed the FIRST fine for SPAM in Romania, to a lawyer company called Urban & Asociaţii.

The fine was 1000 RON, roughly 330 Euro:

ANRCTI enforced the first fine for sending unrequested commercial messages, following an inquiry which revealed that the subject had not obtained the addressees’ consent for sending such a communication (spam). The inquiry was initiated upon receiving a complaint, at the end of 2007, the first one submitted to ANRCTI after the take over of relevant attributions.

The complaint showed that, starting from September 2007, the plaintiff had been receiving a number of unrequested commercial messages that promoted a newsletter and a company. Following the inquiry conducted by the ANRCTI control personnel, the sender of these unrequested commercial messages (without the plaintiff’s prior consent) was found to be the company Urban & Asociaţii. This company was imposed a contravention fine amounting to RON 1000.


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