My comments were pro-Dalit; if they send me to jail, it's fine, Ashis Nandy tells ... - NDTV

New Delhi: Despite a clarification and an apology, Ashis Nandy, one of India's most famous academicians, remains engulfed in a controversy over his remarks on corruption among tribals and Dalits at the Jaipur Literature Festival. In his interview with NDTV, he discusses his controversial statement.

Below are the highlights:

May have chosen wrong words, but the thrust was not wrong. It was pro-dalit, pro-adivasi.I can prove it statistically that ST/SC are caught more in corruptionIt was not an accidental slip, it was a Freudian slipShould have said 'seemingly' in a majority instead of just saying backward castes are a majority when it comes to corruptionI have apologized for thisI meant it is an equalizing force because corruption gives them access to resources which the rich have.I would prefer that majority of corruption come from backward castes. I am mostly misunderstood when everybody recognises what I am saying has an element of truth but are unwilling to recognise it themselves. This inner tension makes them hostile. To make India corruption free will take decades. Given the fact that large sections of society lives on the margins, we should learn to live with their corruption however unpleasant or unpalatable that might beI am not saying corruption is good, but we have to be prepared for that...Most corruption money is 'speed money' - it quickens economic transctaions - it was a respected theory in economicsMost tribal communities don't care for Marxist ideology but Maoists will not survive for a day if they did not have tribal supportMadhu Koda has made a point that he can play the game, and that he can be as smart as the upper castes and that too against all social odds. Demands of public life to recognise politics - and I believe at this point of time we should be happy that a Madhu Koda has emerged(In jail) I will read, perhaps listen to some musicI have lived with this thing for a very long time to be scaredI wanted to take a stand in Jaipur alsoThese protests are coming from people who have not heard my speechI wanted to stay back in Jaipur and so did Sanjoy and Tarun Tejpal, but parts of my family were very worriedI expected other media to try and to check things better
I did not know it was going to be broadcastI was speaking to a general audience of a discussionIn a country like India Freedom of Speech would have to be defined much more closelyI don't think FIRs or warrants can stop hate speechesIn the case of Salman Rushdie, the fatwa was an over-reactionI have said Bengal is the most backward state in IndiaBengalis have used progressive ideology to strangle social revolution 


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